Ensuring the right conditions for the products stored/distributed requires know-how and experience. Vision is needed to build lasting relationships with customers. And it takes a lot of energy to ensure the best quality throughout the supply chain.  



We seek new talents because our employees are our most valuable asset.We like our employees to share the same passion and to have the right skills and attitude to work for Greenyard.It is our policy to recruit professionals with the ability to reach the top: people who want to make a difference and who are not intimidated by hard work. Working in the Ribatejo region is a very enriching personal experience. It is a young and active region, full of challenges (visit:



Greenyard is a young, dynamic company with an exceptional working environment. We encourage open dialogue and feel inspired by cultural diversity. Above all, we are prompted to overcome obstacles and meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.



Greenyard offers many opportunities for personal development. Whatever position you are going to take on, you will learn and develop skills that will put you at a competitive advantage.

You can send your application through this website, simply filling in the form that can be found in the link below.
Good luck!
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