Social responsibility

Greenyard is a company with high social and environmental concerns. In this field, it essentially acts at the level of its employees, the surrounding social context and the environment, through several initiatives that promote sustainability. In addition, Greenyard Fresh is one of the first members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and it applies the code of conduct and rules of this organisation, with the aim of improving working conditions at the different stages of the supply chain.



Greenyard is committed to promoting fruit and vegetable consumption to ensure a healthy future, by forming partnerships along the supply chain to meet consumer needs by creating value for the entire process.



The vision behind Greenyard's activities is to promote a healthy lifestyle by helping people to regularly enjoy fruits and vegetables in a quick, easy and enjoyable way at any time.



Greenyard is committed to delivering logistics and transportation services in a passionate, enterprising way, delivering creative, robust and reliable solutions without ever forgetting that in a partnership relationship there must always be a high degree of sharing. These are the values that govern our business activities.

Greenyard in Portugal