Greenyard Logistics Portugal specialises in the storage of products that require temperature control: from -25ºC to + 18ºC and at ambient temperature.

It features a warehouse management system for perishable food management, based on RF technology and developed by Greenyard itself.

It has specific chambers for products as diverse as fruits, vegetables, dried cod, charcuterie, dairy products, fresh meat, fresh fish and frozen food products.

It covers all controlled temperature needs in two logistic bases, the main platform in Riachos and a support platform in Leixões.

Specialist in logistics operations in a multi-client model, driving synergies, flexibility, operational availability and access at more competitive costs.

Process consistency ensures high service reliability, full operational control and high administrative robustness.
Information systems for the management of storage and transport operations, combined with radio-frequency technology and data integration via EDI.


Basic services:

  • Reception
  • Stock Management - FIFO and FEFO
  • Storage (-25°C to +18°C and ambient temperature)
  • X-Docking  (BBxD; PAxD)
  • Picking (PBL and PBS, fixed and variable weight) 
  • Logistic processing of fresh fish



  • Number of pallets / year: 300.000
  • Number of ton out / year: 275.000
  • Number of cartons out / year: 11.000.000
  • Number of employees: 250
  • Area (m²): 18.200


Installed Capacity (#loc. plt):

  • Negative cold: 6.400
  • Positive cold: 6.500
  • Ambient: 2.000



National and international temperature-controlled distribution network (multi-temperature) - shared, semi-shared and dedicated models.



  • Number of km / year: 9.000.000
  • Number of pallets / year: 350.000

Value Added Services

  • Weighing, Labelling and Re-Labelling
  • Packing and Re-packing 
  • Container Loading/Unloading
  • Packing & Co Packing

Fruits & Vegetables


The Fruit & Vegetables business covers the entire value chain in the Fruit & Vegetable Category for supermarkets, being that the focus is the commercialization of organic products.



  • Weighing, Labelling and Re-Labelling
  • Packing and Re-packing 
  • Container Loading/Unloading
Greenyard in Portugal